Aviation Journeys


79 59'20" N 085 56'27" W (CYUE)

​a small research base on the Fosheim Peninsula of Ellesmere Island 

​Founded in 1947

Eureka is the second-northernmost permanent research facility in the world.  Only 600 nautical miles from the geographical North Pole with a record high temperature of 69.6 F and a record low of -67.5 F.

Midnight Sun

The settlement sees the midnight sun between April 10th and August 29th. At it's peak in the 1970s there were 15 staff. Today 8 staff rotate in the facility.

Landing Approach at Eureka

After 12 hours of flying, I make my approach to the gravel runway at the Eureka Weather Station on Ellesmere Island.  The staff of eight work at this facility.  I'm greeted by a stout gentleman who announces he is the Mayor, Sheriff and Undertaker.  We load up and head to the Weather Station by pickup truck.

Eureka Scenes